FAQs about tech support

A: Bring that question to an upcoming event. Other users love to help! You can write your question ahead of time and turn it in, or just ask it aloud during iOS or Mac Q&A. (See our troubleshooting form to help define your problem or question.)*

A: We suggest those at the Apple store and area libraries or senior centers.
A: Officially, no. But connecting with SCAU attendees is a good way to find a technology consultant via word of mouth.

A: See (and like) our Facebook page. 

* Troubleshooting Form

Click button to access our form to gather information that will be useful in diagnosing your problem. Bring it to our next event. (Or make an appointment at the nearest Apple store.)

General -Frequently Asked Questions

A: SCAU is an independent volunteer user group. Apple promotes and supports user groups, but the company does not own, manage or direct them.
A: We are not involved in any sales other than encouraging SCAU membership and offering an occasional raffle or webinar.
A: We are a 501 (c)(6) Not for Profit education-based club. Membership dues or contributions are not tax-deductable.
A: Membership period is 12 months from your initial dues payment. (Note: Our dues represent only $5 for each regular main program event, and also include special interest groups known as SIGs).
A: Non-members may attend one main program or SIG without charge.
A: Spouse can be included in your $50 annual family membership. (Be sure to list his/her name on the form when you join.)
A: Children 12 and under may attend with a member or guest 18 years or older providing appropriate supervision throughout their visit. Members’ children age 13 and older may attend unaccompanied.
A: In addition to program & SIG events, members receive monthly discount offers from the Apple User Group Advisory Board, as well as speaker notes from our programs, when available.
A: Sorry, but our programs are highly interactive with those attending. We encourage as many as possible to join us!
A: You are welcome to come for any portion of our main program – usually iOS, then other universal technology topics, then Mac Q&A (with short breaks between sessions).
A: That was us, before we refreshed our name and program to include all of Apple’s amazing products beyond the Mac.