Who is SCAU?

(Suburban Chicago Apple Users)

Members include iOS expert (and group President) David Ginsburg and Mac expert Bill Geraci, who provide expertise each month.
Members sharing special interests (such as Filemaker Pro and iOS) also meet separately in groups known as SIGs (Special Interest Groups) to go into depth.

The FileMaker Pro SIG explores FileMaker Pro database applications. The iOS SIG provides in-depth updates and best practices on iPhone, iPad, and related topics.

Suburban Chicago Apple Users is an Illinois Not For Profit Corporation. We are also registered with Apple, Inc. as a recognized Apple User Group.

Why Join a User Group?

1 Keep up with technology changes. Updates by those ‘in the know’ are key features of our monthly events.

2 Enhance your skills. Take yourself to a new professional level. Develop expertise for your financial or family life. Improve mobile photography with mobile technology or learn how to organize your photo/video collection digitally.

3 Questions answered, problems solved! You'll get answers to problems you don’t even know you have!

4 Save money. Users share how to get the most ‘bang for the buck’ buying, selling, & using Apple products and related tech. And Apple user group members get discounts from a number of companies.

5 Find local resources. From technical support to resellers to community classes and activities.

6 Make professional contacts. Users are in area businesses, schools, other professions.

7 Make new friends & get support. Other users share your passion for talking about your iPhone or Mac and like to help each other.

8 Tell the world. Share your passion for Apple technology by promoting your user group events.

9 Teach. If you’ve got some of the answers, share your expertise! Plus you’ll gain new tools to support your ‘techless’ family or friends who expect you to be their teacher!

10 Volunteer
in the community.
Use your tech or ‘people’ skills to help develop & maintain your user group.

Meet the Leadership Team

David Ginsburg


Becky Booth


Ray Wolfel


Susan Kaiser


Visitor and Privacy Policy

Check us out by attending one main event without charge. To continue attending, you’ll need to become a member. The annual family membership is $50.

We take our visitors’ and members’ privacy very seriously, and go out of our way to protect the information you entrust to us. Personal information is used only as needed by leaders within our group and is never shared with anyone else. You have our word on that!


Our group originated in 1991 as “The Northwest of Us” Mac users after the suburbanites split from a city Mac group known as “The Rest of Us”.
The 2015 name change to “Suburban Chicago Apple Users” reflects Apple’s broadening range of devices beyond Macintosh computers, as well as the group members’ diverse expertise.
Many long-time members and Mac users are iOS newbies, or may not use an iPhone. Many visitors and newer members use a PC along with their iPhone or iPad or Apple Watch.
“Different strokes for different folks” is respected as we encourage each other to 
DO… MORE… BETTER… with technology.


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